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Speakers Academy 

In partnership with NSA SoCal

- Launches on November 1, 2023 - 


Get paid to speak to audiences of all sizes!

Build a thriving, sustainable professional speaking business!

Use speaking to drive and grow your business!

NSA Northwest is partnering with NSA Southern California to present an unbelievable, live, intensive six-month Speaker’s Academy program. This comprehensive curriculum will teach you what you need to know to grow a successful speaking business. Participants will learn from more than 20 nationally renowned faculty, successful speakers who are the best of the best in the industry. Students will also build relationships with fellow speakers in their cohort here in Oregon and around the country.

How do you know if Speaker’s Academy is right for you?

  • Do you have a desire to turn your passion for speaking into a profession of speaking? Perfect. What you need to go with your desire and passion is a well-rounded knowledge of the business, and the tools to put it all together. 
  • Do you want to fine-tune your speaking business plan? Smart, and strategic, because you’ve got to level up to compete. 
  • Do you want to hone your speaking skills? If speaking is part of how you succeed in your work, you better! Because if you don’t, you’re either cocky, or you’re coasting. 
  • Do you wish you had a built-in community of fellow speakers with whom you could grow, learn and thrive? This is a weird business, it can be a lonely business, and you need colleagues who get you, and speaking.

The best speakers, no matter if they are new or they’ve been speaking for years, are constantly looking to grow, to learn, and to improve their business and their speaking.

Registration is open NOW!

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What You Learn in Speaker's Academy

  • Finding the audience you are meant to serve
  • Discover your voice and your niche
  • Constructing powerful narratives
  • Playing with the art of storytelling
  • Building from initial gigs to dream gigs
  • Crafting your keynote or presentation
  • Own the stage skill-building
  • Leverage technology for virtual programs
  • Developing complimentary products and multiple income streams
  • Personal 1:1 evaluations and goal-setting with our Academy Dean

Whether you’re an established speaker looking to fine-tune your business and up your game, or an emerging speaker wanting to learn the business, the Speaker's Academy will change you, and it will change your business, so don’t miss it!

Don't wait - the next cohort starts on November 1, 2023!

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